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Welcome to Torre Nova

This information page is intended to familiarize you with Torre Nova and the general facilities that you can use.

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In the event that a malfunction or other inconvenience occurs in the general facilities or your apartment, we request that you contact us immediately. We will solve it as soon as possible. Call (+34 674 422 179) of Jacqueline (+ 34 650 904 654). 

Torre Nova - general information

Check in, identification and check out

Check in

Check-in is from 3 pm. Are you arriving earlier? You are welcome! Feel free to jump into the pool, do some shopping, enjoy a coffee or have lunch in the village. Call us upon arrival at the entrance gate and we will welcome you personally: Geert (+34 674 422 179) Jacqueline (+34 650 904 654)

Something not right or to your liking?

If, upon arrival or during your stay, something in your apartment is not in order or to your liking, we we ask you to report this immediately. Although we keep track of everything as best as possible, there may still be something to improve. If you report it to us immediately, we will take immediate action.


There is a form in your apartment, which we ask you to fill in with your identification data as well as of you co-guests. We are required according to Spanish law to register these into a government system. You can give the completed form to one of us.

Check-out, tourist tax and additional costs

The final cleaning of the apartment is of course included. On the day of departure, we kindly request you leave to the apartment no later than 11:00am.This enables us to clean it in time before the new guests arrive. We ask you to deposit the waste in the waste containers on departure, they are located in the parking lot on site.

You can pay the tourist tax (not included in the rent of the apartment) at the end of your stay, which amounts to € 1.10 per person per night (onlyapplicable to 16+ and with a maximum of 7 nights).

Any additional costs such as drinks at the pool, wine, etc. (see 'Other facilities at Torre Nova') can be paid in cash upon departure.

Deposit, careful use and any damage


We reserve the right to request a deposit of €250 upon arrival. The deposit will be returned on departure if everything is in order in the apartment.

Careful use

We do our utmost to offer you a comfortable, clean and fully equipped holiday apartment. We trust that you will treat it with care, so that the next guests can enjoy it again.

Possible damage

An accident can always happen. We deal with damage as follows: In the category 'broken glass' we will normally not charge you anything. In the event of serious imperfections to the apartment or its contents, such as damage or dirt that is difficult or impossible to remove, we will charge you for the costs. We kindly ask you to report damage to us immediately. In almost all cases, the damage can be recovered through your travel insurance or third-party insurance.


Entrance to Torre Nova

The entrance gate of Torre Nova is never locked, you can always get in or out. To leave by car, turn the lever in the middle of the gate upwards and pull the slider at the bottom upwards. Then you open the gate. We kindly request you to always close the entrance gate after arrival or departure.

To leave the gate on foot, you can use the entrance door on the left side (seen from the inside out) in the gate. You open it with the slider. The wooden entrance gate of the house itself is also open 24 hours a day. You open it by turning the metal ring on the outside.


Torre Nova offers an elevator to easily reach the floors, useful for luggage and groceries.

Suitability for guests with reduced mobility

Besides an elevator, the apartments are very spacious, so that they offer plenty of room to move around. They offer wide doorways, no thresholds and spacious bathrooms, making them suitable for everyone.

Emergency, safety and health issues

Emergency phone number

The alarm number in case of emergency  is 112

You call this number in case of life-threatening calamities. The address of Torre Nova is CARRER TORRE NOVA 14, 08789 LA TORRE DE CLARAMUNT, TEL. (+34) 674 422 179. For non-urgent situations you can contact us, we will assist you in contacting, for example, the pharmacy or a doctor. Geert (+34 674 422 179) of Jacqueline (+34 650 904 654).

Fire alarm

For your safety, Torre Nova is equipped with an alarm system with fire and smoke detectors in the common areas (entrance, corridors) and in the living rooms and bedrooms of the apartments. In case the alarm is activated, the signal will be forwarded to an emergency center, which immediately will get in ntouch with us and takes action if necessary.

Torre Nova is equipped with fire extinguishers and fire alarm buttons just outside the entrance door of your apartment.


In the event of a fire alarm, you must leave the building as quickly as possible. From the upper floors via the stairs, do not use the elevator if the fire alarm goes off! The escape route is indicated on the map on the inside of the entrance door of your apartment. The escape routes in the public areas are indicated by means of green fluorescent signs. Please take a moment to explore the escape route from your apartment, and also show the way to your children.

The meeting point after an evacuation is in front of the wooden entrance gate of Torre Nova. We then quickly know whether everyone left the building and if there are still guests inside and we can immediately take action.

Health issues

We have a first aid kit in case of minor accidents.

The local pharmacy is 150 meters from Torre Nova: Google maps - Carrer Sant Joan Baptista 2 (on the same block as the bakery, to the side), open Mon-Fri from 9am to 1.30pm and from 4pm to 7pm , on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. Unlike in most countries, you buy paracetamol, ointment and other first aid items here (not at the drugstore).

There is a local health center located near Torre Nova, but it is mostly closed. Need to see a doctor: contact us. Geert (+34 674 422 179) of Jacqueline (+34 650 904 654).

You can also visit the health center in Capellades (1.5 km from Torre Nova - Google maps) by yourself. Open every day from 8 am to 3 pm (Carrer Torre Nova without number, 08786 Capellades, tel. +34 938 011 691).

In Igualada (12 km from Torre Nova) there is a modern and well-equipped hospital (Google maps - Avenida Catalunya 11, 08700 Igualada, first aid post telephone number: 061).

Bring your (European) health insurance certificate. If you do not have this, you must pay in cash and in almost all cases you can claim the bill from your Dutch health insurer after returning home.

Not everyone in Spain speaks English. If you wish, we can accompany you or, if we are elsewhere, translate for you over the phone. There are also useful translation apps available, such as Google Translate.


La Torre de Claramunt is a quiet and safe village. Nevertheless, it is advisable to keep your valuables in your locked apartment and not to leave any valuables outside or in sight in your car. So far there has never been an incident, but to prevent is better than to cure.

The pool and garden

Opening hours and house rules

The swimming pool is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. If you have (small) children you must supervise yourself. We want to set as few 'prohibitions' as possible, but it is not allowed to use air mattresses or other inflatable attributes in the pool. Of course, this does not apply to babies and toddlers who cannot yet swim. This also applies to playing football around the pool. We appreciate your understanding. An inflatable baby bath and baby floats for the little ones are available.

The pool is heated (and cooled) with a heat pump, making it possible to swim early in springtime and till late in autumn. The pool water comes directly from our own well and does not contain chemical but natural chlorine, based on salt electrolysis. Sustainable and comfortable for the swimmer. The depth of the pool varies from 1.00 m to 1.50 m, so that adults can stand anywhere. There is a pool shower that you can use before and after swimming (please do not use soap or shampoo).

There are pergolas for shade and plenty of sunbeds. If it is very busy at the pool, the adults will take precedence.

In the small house on the right next to the pool (in the summer months) there is a fridge offering beer, soft drinks, water and ice cream. You can register your consumptions in the notebook and you can pay on departure. Would you like to drink a cool glass of wine at the pool? Feel free to put your bottle in the fridge.

In the garden next to the pool there is a large table for outdoor dining. You can find the seat cushions in the small house on the right, next to the fridge (the old village benches after 100 years might still give off resin when it's hot ). You can also use the table for reading or playing games.

Kids playground, table tennis, games and books

In the garden you will find a small playground for the little ones.

In the garden you will find table tennis. The bats and balls are in the hallway next to the entrance hall. Please put the bats back in the hall after use (otherwise the rubber will melt in the sun..). 

In the hallway next to the entrance hall you will find chess and checkers pieces. The game boards can be found in the garden. There also are a jeux de boules set, books (you can exchange your own books) and games. We kindly ask you to put them back in the entrance hall after use.

Wellness: sauna and jacuzzi

Torre Nova Resort also has a wellness area with a Finnish sauna, jacuzzi, shower, relaxation area and toilet. The wellness is open from September 1 to June 30. You will find the wellness right outside the fence next to the pool. The wellness area is heated in the winter months. There are sun loungers to relax between sessions and there is also an outdoor terrace with great views at the green valley. And ofcourse you can take a dip in the pool. The wellness is suitable for 2 to a maximum of 4 people. The sauna is only available for children accompanied by an adult.

You can book the wellness with us for a period of 2 hours. The costs are € 20 for 2 hours. You can then use the sauna and the jacuzzi and we will provide you with towels, bathrobes and fruit juice.


We know from our own experience that not every bottle of wine from the supermarket has the quality you expect (regardless of the price). That is why we have selected a fine wine from our own region for you at € 5 per bottle: Rene Barbier Mediterranean - red, white and rosé. You will find the wine next to the stairs in the entrance hall on the ground floor. You can note your consumption in the booklet next to it (number of bottles, name, apartment) and pay in cash upon departure at the end of your holiday.

The weather


It is mostly sunny in Spain. The temperature during the summer months on Torre Nova usually varies between 28 and 32 degrees Celsius during the day. In some periods, especially July and August, it can still get warmer.

At the end of the morning the cooling breeze from the south increases. On warm days you can keep the (bed)rooms on the sunny side of your apartment cool by keeping the windows and shutters closed during the day. This is not really necessary in the living rooms (also because of the high ceilings), otherwise you will miss the beautiful view!

There is no air conditioning in the apartments, but you will find that it is not necessary for a good night's sleep. Torre Nova is located 365 meters above sea level, which is why it cools down by an average of 15 degrees in the evenings/at night (tip: open the bedroom windows half an hour before you go to sleep). The air in our region is dry and not humid like in the coastal area. There are fans in the bedrooms (they are only useful when you are in the room, no point in leaving them on when you are not there). There are mosquito nets above the beds.

In the summer months we do occasionally have thunderstorms, usually in the (late) afternoon. In case of a thunderstorm coming it is advisable to close the windows and doors in time. If you are not on Torre Nova, we will do this for you. Although the electrical system has been completely renewed, it is better to unplug equipment (TV, computers, telephones, etc.) during a thunderstorm.

Spring and autumn

At Torre Nova we have a mild climate all year round. During spring and autumn the sun shines abundantly and temperatures are pleasant and vary around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. We always say that nine days out of ten are good here, but there is a possibility that you may have a 'tenth day' once, or even several in a row. But mostly it is pleasant weather, not too hot and very suitable for trips, walking and also swimming in our heated swimming pool. Is it a cloudy or rainy day? Then make use of our wellness area with sauna and jacuzzi. Barcelona, beaches and other getaways are more quiet than during the summer months. This makes a stay in spring and autumn attractive for couples and families with small children.


Winter is different in Spain compared to northern Europe. From the beginning of November to the end of March it often feels more like spring. Due to the altitude of Torre Nova (385 m above sea level), it can be around zero degrees in the early morning and late in the evening. But in the afternoon it is usually between 10 and 15 degrees and you can often have lunch in your T-shirt on your terrace in the sun. We also welcome guests during winter. And a Christmas holiday at Torre Nova is especially attractive, because you can enjoy special traditions in Catalonia. Such as the 'Pessebres Vivents' (living nativity scenes), where the center of old villages is transformed into a Bethlehem scenery, complete with living nativity scenes and all kinds of old crafts. 'Tres Reyes' (Epiphany) is  celebrated here with all kinds of activities, such as colorful parades. There are also many special activities to experience in Barcelona around Christmas, such as the videomapping at the modernist Hospital de Sant Pau. During the wintertime you can often take a walk on the beach in your T-shirts or a thin sweater one day and go skiing the next day at 1.5 hours in the nearby Pyrenees (La Molina or Andorra). Absolutely worth it!


Due to the usual drought, unfortunately it is not allowed to BBQ at Torre Nova from mid-March to the end of October. Due to the risk of forest fires, open fire is prohibited in Spain within 500 meters of the forest during that period, and Torre Nova borders directly on the forest. But luckily you can enjoy delicious and very affordable grill dishes in the restaurants we recommend.

Print service entrance tickets or flight boarding passes

For highlights and events in Barcelona (such as Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell and Camp Nou) it is advisable to buy tickets in advance online. You can download the purchased tickets on your phone, that's enough.

Would you like to print your entrance tickets or, for example, the boarding passes for your return flight? Mail them to us ( and we will print them for you.