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This information page is intended to familiarize you with your apartment and the facilities in your apartment.

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In the event of a malfunction or other inconvenience in your apartment, we request that you contact us immediately. We will solve it as soon as possible. Call Geert (+34 674 422 179) or Jacqueline (+34 650 904 654).

Torre Nova - your apartment

Information about your holiday apartment

Torre Nova Resort offers comfortable, high-end holiday apartments, with maximum privacy. They have a spacious living area with a fully equipped kitchen, one to three bedrooms (quality box springs, extra long 2.10 x 1.80 m) and one or two bathrooms. The apartments on the ground floor have a terrace in the garden, the apartments on the upper floors have one or more balconies. They all offer a beautiful view at the garden, the pool and the green valley or the castle and the medieval village. We hope that you will find everything you need for a pleasant stay.

The 4.5 m high beamed ceilings give an extra sensation of space. The apartments are cool in summer and comfortably warm in spring, autumn and winter (underfloor heating). Torre Nova has an elevator and the apartments have wide passageways and no tresholdss, making them accessible to everyone.

You will find a welcome package in the apartment at your arrvial (a bottle of wine, water, fruit juice, dishwasher tablets, pepper, salt, oil, vinegar).

Smoking is not allowed in the apartments (there are smoke/fire detectors). Of course you can smoke on the terrace, balcony or in the garden. We woulkd appreciate taking other guests into account.

In the apartments there are cushions for the outdoor chairs. We kindly ask you to keep these indoors at night or when you leave for a long time (there may be an unexpected thunderstorm).

Use of water and energy

We take pride in being a CO2 neutral resort. We use water from our own well, heat shower water with solar panels and generate our own electricity during the day, also with solar panels. In this way we contribute to combating climate change. We trust that you use water and electricity responsibly.


The water from the taps/shower is pure spring water from our own well. No chlorine is added but the water is treated with a UV lamp. Therefore, according to Spanish law, it is not officially drinking water. You can buy bottled mineral water in the supermarket. Of course it is safe for showering, bruching your teeth, etc. 

Torre Nova has a sustainable energy system and the hot (shower) water is heated by solar panels. Between 8 and 10 in the morning and 6 and 8 in the evening (the 'usual' times for showering) the hot water circulation is on and there is instant hot water.

Besides those periods, we don't circulate hot water throughout the main house all day, to save energy. Outside the specified times it can take a little while for the instyantly heated water to reach your apartment. Then give the hot water circulation an activation 'push' by opening the hot water tap in the kitchen, bathroom or shower (handle to the left) only for a few seconds and then closing it again. Within a minute you´ll have hot water.

The water in our region contains a relatively much calcium. If you want to make the effort, we would appreciate it very much if you want to dry the shower glass with the provided wiper after taking a shower.

The kitchen

You find everything you need in the kitchen in the kitchen cabinets. Do you need something to cook and is it not available? Just ask us, we may have it and you can borrow it (e.g. blender). For groceries you will find a shopping bag next to the fridge.


You unlock or block the hob with the 'bloqueo' button. Turn on the hob and touch the hob you want to use and regulate the heat with  '+'  and  '-' . If you want the highest setting (9) right away, then press '-' after switching on. Use the cooking pan that corresponds in size to the size of the hob. You can check whether the olive oil in the frying pan is hot enough by adding a small piece of meat or vegetable. Just before water starts cooking, you can lower the setting (e.g. 5 or 6). If you have small children, it is advisable to lock the hob after use using the 'blockueo' button.

Kitchen counter

The natural stone countertop is not resistant to heat and dubstances such as tea, coffee and red wine. There are coasters, please do not put hot cooking pans on the counter top.

Extractor hood

Controlled by the buttons on the front.


You can easily set the microwave power and time and press the start button.


You switch on the dishwasher with the round button on the right. For hot meal dishes, it is best to use the second program from the left (1.7 hours). Press the 'P' button until you have set the desired programme. For small dishes (top part of the dishwasher) use the button to the left of the start button. For glasses and cups only, the third program from the right (32 min) is sufficient. You will find some dishwasher tablets on arrival, you can buy 5 dishwasher tablets from us for €1. If the salt or brightener needs to be refilled, please let us know.

Nespresso machine

We offer Nespresso capsules (Volluto and Ristretto flavors) for € 6 per box of 10 capsules. You can also buy them in the supermarket in the village, make sure you don't buy the L'Or brand, they don't work well with Nespresso machines.

Garbage separation

There are waste bins in the apartment for residual waste (in the sink cabinet),  all packaging, plastic bottles, other plastic, cans (white bin) and biological waste (brown bin). Spare garbage bags can be found in the kitchen cupboard under the sink.

In the parking of Torre Nova (on the street side behind the small house) you will find the large waste bins: yellow - plastic, cans, packaging, green - glass, brown - bio waste, blue - paper and cardboard and black - other waste. We kindly ask you to deposit your waste in these waste containers in closed bags during your stay and on departure.

Cleaning supplies

In the kitchen cupboard under the sink you will find a dishwashing brush, dishwashing detergent, dustpan and cleaning detergent for the hob. You will find brooms, buckets and mop per floor in the common area. Please return it after use. Would you like to use a vacuum cleaner? Then give us a call.

Final cleaning is included. Do you want your apartment to be cleaned during your stay? Please ask us, the costs are € 25.00.

Doors and windows

The entrance doors of your apartment are equipped with quality locks and your apartment is therefore completely safe.

The exterior doors and windows are opened and closed by lifting the handle from the lock and then turn it towards you to open the door or window. The bedrooms and bathrooms on the ground floor have a chain locks for wind and safety, so that you can leave the window open at night for ventilation. Torre Nova and our village are absolutely safe, so don't worry!

In the summer, the wind increases every day at the beginning of the afternoon. We ask you, to prevent draft, to be aware that no opposed windows or doors are open in the apartment. Otherwise they can slam with force due to the draft.

Bed linen, towels, kitchen linen and laundry

The beds are equipped with bed linen (changed per week). The towels are for use in the bathroom only (changed twice a week). We kindly ask you not to use towels from the apartment at the pool or to take them to the beach. If you didn´t bring pool/beach towels, you can borrow them from us (subject to availability).

The kitchen is equipped with kitchen linen (changed twice a week). If you want a clean kitchen towel, dishcloth or kitchen towel, you can give notice to us. During your stay we will place a laundry basket in front of your apartment on the day of change, you can then decide for yourself whether it is necessary to change the towels. We try to limit the use of detergents from an environmental point of view.

WIFI - TV - Bluetooth speaker


We have wireless WIFI throughout the house (optical fiber cable). You will find the network and password on the meter cupboard next to the entrance door of your apartment. The speed is sufficient for using streaming services via WiFi.


You have a TV in your apartment with remote control. There are approximately 40 Spanish channels available, some in HD format.

Bluetooth speaker

There is a bluetooth speaker in the apartment, you can connect your phone and listen to music. The speaker is for use in the apartment, please do not take it to the pool or beach.