Catalan traditions and festivities

Catalonia has a rich culture and cherished traditions. Especially the summer fests or 'Festa Major' in every town and village show the pride and passion of the inhabitants. Colorful parades, music, dance, fireworks and delicious food are the ingredients for an authentic experience. The 'Castellers' (human towers) are one of the highlights, as is the 'Correfoc' (walking fire), an old Catalan tradition in which fire, dragons and devils play an important role. You've never seen anything like it!

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On this page you will find all the traditions and festivities that will take place in the coming period: where and at what time, how to get there and where to park.

From April to the end of October you will find a link to the current weekly program on this page. In the period from November to March, the weekly program is not updated online every week, but there is also plenty to do. You can ask us for the activities for specific periods. Below you will find the highlights during the Christmas holidays.

Weekprogram returns at Easter