About us and Torre Nova

We are Jacqueline Brakel en Geert van Heijningen, your hosts at Torre Nova. In 2007 we moved with our kids from Amsterdam to Spain. After a half year search for properties (we have seen everything from ruins to unaffordable castles), we found the perfect place to realise our dreamproject. Now, over ten years later, Torre Nova is a success and we really feel at home here.

In 1900 in our village, the 'Marques de Villa Palma' had two sons. As usual in nobility, the eldest son inherited the castle, the 'Torre' (tower) of Claramunt. The youngest son, the Marques de  Gironella, then decided to build a prestigious house on the hill opposite the castle, in order to equal his brother. This was the 'casa señorial' Torre Nova (new tower), dating from 1901. In the late 30s of the last century the ownership changed hands. Since the '80s the major part of the house was no longer in use, until our arrival in 2007.

Our goal was to create a small scale, authentic, relaxed and sustainable holidy resort. With monumental, comfortable apartments. The renovation process took over a year and has been an adventure but also intensive, nothing comes easy. During the renovation, we paid attention to the balance between the modern comfort requirements and yet maintaining Torre Nova's original grandeur. Sustainability is an important aspect. Torra Nova uses water from its own spring and we also use solar energy for hot water and underfloor heating. The water in the pool, heated by solar energy in spring and autumn, is treated using a sustainable method based on salt, better for the environment and a blessing for the swimmer. 

Thanks to the comprehensive renovation, Torre Nova is now preserved for the future and started its second life with us and our guests. A place to relax, away from mass tourism but close to all highlights in the Barcelona province. We are proud to be able to share this with you!

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